Monday, July 6, 2015

Outdoor Expression Wine Glass & Bottle Holder Set

Outdoor Expression Wine Glass & Bottle Holder Set

Product Information:

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, this versatile and lightweight set can be taken anywhere you take your wine – to the beach, the park, even in your own back yard.
With 14” long glass stakes, the Outdoor Expression range of holders strike the perfect balance between accessibility and stability, meaning they’re the perfect choice for you whether you’re sitting on the ground or on a deck chair, while still remaining stable enough not to shake or cause spills.
All Outdoor Expression products are securely and attractively packaged, ensuring they arrive to the customer intact. They’re also a great gift idea that’s ready to go!
This set is easy to use/put in place and are maintenance free – just wipe clean after use. Because the Outdoor Expression holder sets are mid sized, they’re portable and easy to store.
When you buy the Outdoor Expression Wine Glass & Bottle Holder sets on Amazon, you get FREE shipping & delivery to your door.

Great for holding bottles in the sand/ grass. Works great keeps them from falling. Super cute idea and made of great material.

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