Monday, August 3, 2015

Baby Comfy Care Deluxe Safety Nail Clippe

About the Product

  • PATENTED SINGLE-BLADE TECHNOLOGY won't cut baby's skin; This is the first nail clipper designed to prevent baby's skin from getting cut; Unique nail clipper design. A reinvention of the baby nail clipper
  • THE BOTTOM SMOOTH LEDGE holds baby's fingertip skin safely back so only the nail gets cut, not the skin
  • PROTECTS FROM CUTTING TOO CLOSELY TO THE SENSITIVE NAIL BED; The bottom ledge extends out slightly so you can't cut too closely to the sensitive nail bed; Trim Tearlessly
  • LARGER THAN STANDARD CLIPPERS BY DESIGN so it's easier to hold and operate
  • DURABLE SMOOTH BOTTOM LEDGE lasts for thousands of cuts


Love that its easy and safe to use. does not cause cuts on my babies fingers.

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