Sunday, January 25, 2015

MeasuPro Instant Read Pulse Oximeter

Hey All

Today I am going to talk about MeasuPro Instant Read Pulse Oximeter

The Basics:
  • The MeasuPro Instant Read Pulse Oximeter provides accurate information about your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate.
  • The rotating easy to read screen makes measurements easily visible from many different angles. Features an OLED display.
  • To get a reading, simply place your fingertip inside the device. Has a comfortable, durable cushion while you take your measurements.
  • Designed to be small, compact, portable, and user friendly, includes an oximeter case for protection and neck lanyard so you can keep the device handy.
  • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries and an easy access battery compartment. The device will automatically shut off after five seconds of inactivity.
I have tried many of these and to be completely honest, I haven't found one that has been as accurate with so many features. I always have a very hard time when it comes to reading these screens and this is very easy to see for me. Many light up like this one, but the numbers are nice and large, so I am not straining my eyes to see this. The features of this seemed very promising, almost to good to be true, but they weren't. I did check the accuracy of this compared to my other one and it was right on the money. The cushion is a nice feature as well once you set your finger in there. Some have just the hard plastic and if you are measuring a diabetic, they sometimes have sore fingers from testing. Your diabetic friends will appreciate that feature tremendously. The power button being easily accessible from the screen is also nice to have. You can also use this to toggle through the 4 different options on the screen.


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