Monday, June 15, 2015

#1 Pacifier & Baby Bottle Nipple UV Sanitizer.

Product Information:

  • Pacifier NOT Included. , USA FDA Registered #3010046232, Listed Medical Device #D223496
  • Binky Fresh is the only UV Pacifier & Bottle nipple sanitizer that is clinically proven safe & effective in killing the most aggressive bacteria that lives & grows on your baby's pacifiers, bottle nipples, teething toys, & sippy cups too!
  • Binky Fresh UV is proven to kill much more than just the common cold bacteria! it kills the most aggressive bacteria that is specific to deadly diseases!
  • UV light is lifetime, never needs to replace!
  • Binky Fresh is quick to sanitize, and easy to use! it is effective and most importantly safe for our babies.

Thoughts: I was looking for a sanitizer that is quick and convenient and not bulky. This one is amazing I feel better knowing I cleared the germs off my daughters nipples and pacifiers.

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