Thursday, April 16, 2015

MeasuPro BPM-80A Blood Pressure Monitor Review

  • Uses Measure and Inflate advanced technology to automatically measure blood pressure and pulse rate. Stay informed with accurate readings.
  • Has a Two User mode with easy one-button operation and a large backlit LCD display for increased visibility. Using a BPM has never been easier!
  • Wireless, compact and portable. Transport this lightweight monitor on-the-go and conveniently store this monitor anywhere. Easy and efficient!
  • Averages the three previous measurements and stores up to 120 measurements with 60 records per user. Seamlessly keep track of your pressure.
  • Features a graphical bar display of your blood pressure and heart rate readings. The Built-in Smart IHB indicator alerts of irregular heartbeat.

This blood pressure monitor is the one that has the cuff that goes on your arm. But before i go into telling you more about it the box it comes in is really nice to keep your machine stored in when you are not using it. I opened the box and pulled out the manual and started reading. It comes in 5 different languages i made sure to turn to English. Inside this manual it has all kinds of information you will need to use this machine if you have never used one before. It comes with 4 AAA batteries which is really nice. Inside the manual it will walk you through how to set up the machine with the date, time, and year.

I really am impressed with it you can have up to two users on this machine and each one will have their own profile. Another amazing feature this machine does is it detects irregular heartbeats. Also will hold readings up to 60 in the memory. The machine it's self is rather light and you can place it on the counter or table when using it. The cuff that goes around your arm is super soft material and glad that the Velcro never touch's my arm like some i have used in the past.

If your machine happens to get dirty here is how you can clean it. clean with a dry cloth or use a damp cloth to remove dirt. Never throw the cuff in the washing machine. also avoid shaking the machine and never immerse it in water.

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