Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spiral Slicer - Spiral Vegetable Slicer - Zucchini Squash Spaghetti Pasta Maker With Award Winning Recipe Ebook!

Spiral Slicer - Spiral Vegetable Slicer - Zucchini Squash Spaghetti Pasta Maker With Award Winning Recipe Ebook!

  • ✔ MAKE VEGETABLES FUN AND EXCITING FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY - This award-wining Spiral Slicer converts your favorite vegetables into delightfully unusual shapes and eye- popping creations your family will love. The easiest way to get children to eat more healthy and nutritious vegetables is by presenting them in playful, colorful shapes your kids will (literally) eat up. Plus, this versatile, reliable veggie spiral slicer is perfect for health-conscious people who want to add more flavors, colors and textures to their diet without sacrificing nutrition or quality. This vegetable spiral cutter's ingenious ergonomic design makes it simple to create mouth-watering culinary creations that will impress your family and friends.
  • ✔ YOUR PASSPORT TO A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF FLAVOR - Your purchase of this top- quality Veggie Spiralizer is only the tip of the iceberg of what you get. You also receive a FREE easy-to-use full-color eBook packed full with 40 mouth-watering recipes you can use to liven up any weekday dinner or bring a touch of sophistication to your next dinner party. You also receive unlimited access to our exclusive food blog, where you will find a constant fresh supply of helpful cooking tips, kitchen facts and delicious recipes to extend your versatility and skill level. Plus, you automatically receive multiple discounts on all of future purchases of our family of amazing kitchen products.
  • ✔ IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO DRESS UP YOUR NEXT MEAL OR ADD FUN, festive shapes that your family will love, this ingenious Spiral Cutter gives you everything you need to turn every meal into a special occasion! Replace high-carb, high calorie pasta with low-fat, no-carb veggie noodles and much, much more! This veggie spaghetti Maker is so simple to use that you will be making your own homemade zucchini squash spaghetti, veggie noodles, colorful spiralized carrots, and sweet and delicious curly fries in no time. The veggie spaghetti maker features two sets of razor-sharp stainless steel no-rust julienne blades safely housed within a handsome impact-resistant cylinder with built-in finger guards so you can make tasty, great-looking and nutrition-packed meals for your family in complete safety. Plus, it comes with a BPA-free, eco-safe tote bag for added protection. Our Zucchini Noodle Maker is also dishwasher-safe and compact, so it's easy to clean and can be stored snugly out of the way in a drawer or cabinet when not in use.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR SPECIAL DIETS - Whether you are on a low-carb, Paleo, gluten-free, raw food, vegetarian or vegan diet, this Noodle Machine is ideal for creating nutrition-packed meals that appeal to the eyes as well as to the taste buds. Make wheat-free pasta out of delicious fresh vegetables or flavorful and healthy oven-baked curly fries from sweet potatoes or broccoli stems. Perfect for adding texture and flavor to soups, stir fry, casseroles or any meal, the Veggie Pasta Maker is the "gotta- have-it gadget" of the 21st Century that everybody is talking about!
  • ✔ 100% '24-HOUR' MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our customer service is second to none and leads the industry in quality and convenience. Plus, your purchase of the Premium Slicer Zucchini Spralizer is completely protected by an unconditional money-back guarantee. You're going to love the playful simplicity of our Carrot Cutter - and how it can bring fun and excitement to any dish -- but if you if you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we will refund every penny of your purchase price with no questions asked within 24 hours!
Thoughts:The Safe Skins vegetable spiral slicer is a simple and compact device that can be run through a dishwasher after use and then tossed in a drawer. A small brush is included for cleaning the blades inside, which is very handy, plus a drawstring bag that can be used for storage.

It works like a crayon sharpener, except that the shavings are also sliced into strips. One side cuts thinner and narrower strips and the other makes thicker and wider strips.

The length of the strips obtained seems to depend on the density of the vegetable being cut: zucchini and cucumbers work best; carrots and potatoes come out much shorter and are sometimes difficult to turn in the cones. Celery doesn't work at all. I didn't try anything mushy like a tomato.

A note of caution: the blades inside are very sharp and children should not use this at all, and it should be kept safely out of their reach because it is quite tempting.

The metal plates on the outside look like blades, but they function as stiffeners and handles. There is a lid with spikes to hold stubby vegetables and it works okay with ends of carrots or leftover bits of potato. There is inevitably a bit or two with any kind of slicer that won't go through.

Kitopia provided a spiral slicer for evaluation and review.

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