Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reacher Grabber

I just received this today and I already am in love with it.  I’m constantly climbing onto my counters or lugging chairs over. My husband always freaks out when he catches me climbing the counter because he’s worried I’m going to fall. When I saw the opportunity to receive this for free in exchange for an honest review I decided to give it a whirl. How did I go this long without it?!?! I first tried to grab a glass from way up - it was so easy to use and I had no problems getting it down or putting it back up! I tried to get a few pictures but it was tough to do one handed. My husband will be so happy :). And I just gained a lot more cabinet space! I have way too much jammed in on the lower shelves so I could reach them - now I can spread it out a little more. I would definitely recommend this item- it’s sturdy, easy to use and much safer than climbing or standing on a chair or ladder.


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