Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sleep Mask


  • ✔ SAY GOODBYE TO DROWSY MORNINGS - Fully Blocks light and sound with the included earplugs!
  • ✔ LASTS FOR YEARS & INCLUDES 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY - Advanced materials provide a heavy duty construction that is feather-light!
  • ✔ PREVENTS WRINKLING AND SORE EYES - Designed to breath while you sleep with dual air vents, to keep your skin and eyes from drying out!
  • ✔ VASTLY IMPROVES REM SLEEP - The mask won't flatten or come loose as you roll around in your sleep, to allow for unrestricted eye-movement for deeper rest!
I am one of those types of people where I need to have the room in complete darkness when I go to sleep. Even the slightest bit of light in the room will keep me awake. This has been a huge problem for me. I have had a struggle when it comes to it. I am also a huge migraine sufferer where I experience light and sound sensitivity.

The Valhalla Travel company offered for me to try a new type of sleep mask. They boast that it is the best REM sleep mask. They even offer this product with a one year warranty. I have never seen a company do that when it come to sleep masks. This sleep mask comes with ear plugs, a carry case and a uniqely desgined sleep mask. One like I have never seen before. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to see it.

This sleep mask us designed different from all the rest. It is made with very durable materials. They would have to when offering a one year warranty with their product. The sleep mask sits up from the eyes, so it won't ruine your make-up, stick to your eyes, cause any sweating, or anything else any sufferer may have a complaint of. It is also very soft as well as light weight. I liked that part because I do not like bulky things. On the strap of the mask, there are two holes in which the ear plugs can go into. Now, the ear plugs are a squishy foam, so getting them into the holes was a challenge for me. I couldn't seem to get them into the holes, but I just kept them in the case. The bread and butter of this mask though is the vents on each side. It keeps air flowing into the mask. I really love this feature. It kept from me getting that irritation that I had with other masks.

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